“Thanks again for your help. When I was under the gun, you really saved the day”

Kathy Fettke, Radio Show Host

Meet Kelly O'Brien, Designer KOB Web Designs

J ust as no two cobwebs are alike and no two snowflakes are alike, no two companies are alike. Even for those in the same line of work, there are unique qualities that set them apart. Kelly O'Brien of KOB Web Designs expertly pinpoints and markets those unique qualities, so that your company stands out from the crowd.

Kelly's own varied and interesting career spans the fields of high tech, real estate, retail, and construction. Her most recent corporate position was with the marketing department of a computer networking company, where she handled all aspects of managing and marketing their Web site. Since going out on her own in 2003, Kelly has helped many small businesses harness the power of the Web to market their products and services.

"I love what I'm doing now," Kelly says. "Being a website designer pulls all of my abilities together. I get to use both left and right brain skills for the benefit of my clients. I find it rewarding to get to know their business and to help them determine what their unique Web site will need. I build the best Web site for them that I can, based on their particular way of doing business."

Kelly believes the most effective Web sites not only fit the business visually, but they also function and navigate in the same way the business does. For example, an engineering firm needs to look both creative and reliable, with easy-to-understand navigation and depth of information. A gemstone site, on the other hand, must capture the brilliance of the products while also providing an easy way to order. The experience online reflects the experience of doing business with the company. This tone is what Kelly strives to capture in a Web site.

"My sites don't reflect me," Kelly says. "They reflect the personality and the type of business. When clients and I are able to work together to get exactly what they want, that feels like a real success."

A strong project manager, Kelly possesses the essential programming, design and marketing knowledge that all professional web designers should have. She takes an imaginative and creative approach to devising what will best highlight your firm, and she works with you to get the details just right.

Flexibility and excellent customer service are what differentiate KOB Web Designs. Kelly does what it takes to make her clients happy, and they return to her again and again.

If you're looking for a Web site that will capture the unique qualities of your business, look no further. Call Kelly O'Brien of KOB Web Designs today.